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Daniela Turley

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Medical Herbalist. BSc. (Herbal Medicine) MCPP, NIMH, AHG.

Acupuncture Facial

Disciplines: Herbal medicine/ Electo-dermal screening/ Dietary recommendations

Daniela Turley has been practicing herbal medicine for eleven years. She is a board member of The American School of Natural Health, a member of The American Herbalists Guild, The National Institute of Medical Herbalists, and The College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy. Born and raised in England, Daniela followed her childhood passion for herbal healing, and at an early age received her BSc. (Herbal Medicine) MCPP, NIMH, AHG. She then obtained an honorary position at the Hale Clinic, the most prestigious and well known complementary health center in London. A leader in her field, Daniela was a senior lecturer for many years and widely featured in the European press. In 2011, Daniela moved to the United States where she joined the practice of Shellie Goldstein Acupuncture.

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