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What Is An AcuFacial Facelift®?

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Acupuncture Facial

An AcuFacial Facelift® is a nonsurgical approach to healthy skin, wrinkle reduction, and facial resculpting. Called "one of the hottest applications of acupuncture," by Harper’s Bazaar, this ground-breaking treatment reduces fine lines and wrinkles, eliminates double chins, lifts sagging facial muscles, and rejuvenates dull, lifeless, or aging skin.

The AcuFacial Facelift® system has been featured in magazines such as New York Magazine, Manhattan Magazine, Hamptons Magazine, Town and Country, Body + Soul, Health, Lucky, American Spa, Town & Country Travel, BoHo, Gotham, Elle Italia, and the Japanese Press. It has also been highlighted in local newspapers, emagazines, and blogs such as Newsday Long Island, Vogue.com, Town and Country. Com cosmeticsurgery.com, columbianews.com, healthday.com, and bellasugar.com.

"I Love The Acupuncture Facial!" - Beauty and Health Director, Town & Country Travel

An AcuFacial Facelift® can be performed using just acupuncture or combined with micro-current, ultrasound, and LED (light therapy). There is no downtime. It is effective, safe, and painless, and provides immediate and lasting results. It is all about balancing the body’s energy system, re-educating, and toning underlying facial muscles, and improving skin tissue. Results of an AcuFacial Facelift® can be seen as early as the first treatment. Dramatically visible, long lasting changes generally occur during a series of sessions. A course of ten to fifteen treatments followed by monthly maintenance is recommended.

What are the Benefits of an AcuFacial Facelift®?

  • Improves overall health, skin quality, and underlying muscle tone
  • Lifts, tones, re-educates facial muscles
  • Eliminates fines lines
  • Softens deeper wrinkles
  • Stimulates growth of healthy collagen/elastin
  • Improves blood/ lymph circulation
  • Hydrates dry skin, balances oily skin
  • Addresses skin problems
  • Gives skin a dewy, radiant appearance

Combined with Micro-current, Ultrasound, and LED light therapy, an AcuFacial Facelift® can

  • Increase facial muscle cell energy up to 500%
  • Enhance protein and elastin synthesis up to 73%
  • Improve collagen production activity up to 60%
  • Boost cell and skin nutrition uptake up to 30-40%