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Acupuncture is a process that naturally improves health and wellbeing. By inserting thin, disposable needles into the surface of the skin, it is possible to repair muscle, tendon, ligament, and nerve pain, improve digestion, regulate breathing problems, adjust menstrual and reproductive imbalances, and reduce mental and physical problems, and more.

Shellie Goldstein Initial session  $240/ Follow-up sessions $190
Package of 5   $900
Package of 10 $1750
Marisa Anaya Initial session  $200/ Follow-up sessions $160
Package of 5   $750
Package of 10 $1450
Marcy Gordon Initial session  $150/ Follow-up sessions $115
Package of 5   $525
Package of 10 $1000

Custom Cosmetic Acupuncture Package (Highly recommended!)
Not sure which package is right for you? Let us create a custom treatment to fit your individual needs. Each treatment is individually tailored specifically for you. This may include acupuncture, microcurrent, oxygen, LED light therapy, microdermabrasion, topical vitamin infusion, or dermarolling.

Package of 5:

  60 minutes 90 minutes 120 minutes
Shellie $1950 $2400 $2650
Marisa $1700 $2100 $2400
Marcy $1400 $1800 $2200

AcuFacial Facelift®
This nonsurgical facelift is like taking your face to the gym. Created by Shellie Goldstein, this unique treatment reduces fine lines and wrinkles, eliminates double chins, lifts sagging face muscles, and rejuvenates dull, lifeless, or aging skin. An AcuFacial Facelift® treatment can be performed using just acupuncture or enhanced with microcurrent, ultrasound, and LED light therapy. Visible results can be seen after the first treatment. Dramatic and long lasting changes generally occur during a series of sessions.

Shellie Goldstein Individual session
Package of 5
Marisa Anaya Individual session
Package of 5
Marcy Gordon Individual session
Package of 5

Hamptons Express (Hamptons Only)
This quick, efficient version of her trademarked AcuFacial Facelift™ gives the same lifted, toned appearance to skin and face in less time Using microcurrent therapy and acupuncture, Shellie stimulates sagging facial muscles, brightens dull complexions, and tightens loose skin, producing instant results with no down-time. Best of all - this treatment will come to you! Ladies (& gents) looking for a pick-me-up before dinner time can call Shellie and have her administer the Hamptons Express as they lounge in the shade of a poolside cabana.

Shellie Goldstein Individual Session
Package of 5
Marisa Anaya Individual Session
Package of 5
Marcy Gordon Individual Session
Package of 5

Manhattan Express
This efficient version of the trademarked AcuFacial Facelift™ is designed for those on the go to give the same lifted, toned appearance to skin and face in less time. Using acupuncture and microcurrent muscle stimulation or DF skin tightening/hydrating therapy, the Manhattan Express tones sagging facial muscles, brightens dull complexions, and tightens loose skin, to produce instant results with no down-time. For a quick pick-me-up or for that special occasion this is the perfect service.

Shellie Goldstein

Individual Session $360
Package of 5 $1700

Marisa Anaya

Individual Session $310
Package of 5 $1450

Marcy Gordon

Individual Session $270
Package of 5 $1250

Dermarolling Collagen Enhancement
Dermarolling is a natural treatment that tightens skin and improves the production of healthy collagen and elastin in skin cells. Stretch marks, wrinkles, scars and uneven, pitted skin are generally due to irregular or sluggish collagen production. A dermarolling treatment can stimulate the body to produce healthy collagen and repair damaged skin. New to this country, in Europe, dermarolling is considered comparable to that of fraxil laser. This treatment is non invasive and requires no down time. A course of three treatments is recommended.

Single Treatment $250
With product penetration and mask $300
Package of 3 Treatments $650
Package of 3 with mask $750

Body Sculpting
Lift, firm, tighten, and tone your body muscles. For a younger and healthier appearance without invasive surgery, micro-current plus ear acupuncture is a rapid and effective body sculpting treatment. By combining the modern technology of CACI Quantum micro-current and the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine you can shape and tone muscles in just days. A series of sessions is recommended.

Marisa or Marcy Initial session  $200/ Follow-up sessions $180
Package of 5   $850
Package of 10 $1650

Combined AcuFacial® with Body Contouring
We combined two of our best treatments into one session, no separate appointment needed! Enjoy the luxury of our signature AcuFacial® treatment, while sculpting the problem areas of your body. The AcuFacial® is our trademarked treatment that reduces fine lines and wrinkles, eliminates double chins, lifts sagging facial muscles, and rejuvenates dull, lifeless, or aging skin. The benefits of the body contouring system features multiple options for slimming, contouring, cellulite reduction, and lymphatic drainage, effectively burns fat, tones body muscles, reduces fluid retention, improves lymph drainage, and decreases the appearance of cellulite.

Marisa Anaya Initial  $480/ Follow-up  $440
Package of 5               $2100
Marcy Gordon Initial  $420/ Follow-up  $420
Package of 5               $1700

Signature Environ Facial
Mariana customizes each facial to suit your skin care needs. Her deluxe service is a three step program to detoxify, lift, and perfect your skin. Begin your 75 minute facial with a thorough cleansing, consultation, and skincare analysis. Whether you have dull, aging, or problem skin, Mariana will indulge you in an array of skin nurturing options ranging from exfoliation, massage, extractions, and skin healing treatments. Complete your facial with a nurturing and healing mask with ultrasound. Having experienced the ultimate in pure pampering, indulgence and relaxation, you will leave looking and feeling nourished, revitalized, and glowing from inside to out.

60 Minutes $160
75 Minutes $190
90 Minutes $220

For that extra touch, treat yourself to one or more of the following:

Eye and Lip Treatment   $75
Microdermabrassion   $50
Enzyme Peel   $50
Eyebrow Tweezing, Waxing, or Tinting   $50

Herbal Medicine
Herbal medicine, the oldest documented form of healthcare, combines the medical science and practice of plant pharmacology to treat a myriad of health complaints. The goal of herbal medicine is to address the symptoms and the underlying cause of illness with herbal medicinal supplements, diet, and lifestyle changes.

Initial Consultation I
This comprehensive treatment includes a full consultation and screening with 4 tests- food intolerance, vitamin and mineral screening, hormone profile, and acupuncture point screening. It is followed by a complete results review and treatment recommendations.

Daniela Turley 105 minutes $450

Initial Consultation II
This treatment includes a consultation and screening with 3 tests- food intolerance, vitamin & mineral screening, and hormone profile. It is followed by a complete results review and treatment recommendations.

Daniela Turley 90 minutes $395

Follow-up I
The comprehensive follow-up 1 consists of a complete health status review, attention to additional health concerns, and adjustments of herbal medicine and health related formulas. The follow-up 1 appointment is generally scheduled 2-3 weeks after your initial session.

Daniela Turley 60 minutes $250

Follow-up II
This is a maintenance follow-up session for continued health care. Herbal medicine and formulas will be adjusted as necessary. The follow-up II session is scheduled as necessary.

Daniela Turley 30 minutes $195

The Antidote
The signature treatment, The Antidote, is a completely unique, cure for overall health, aging and cosmetic aging concerns. Shellie, Daniela, and their team, have created one of the most powerful natural anti aging skincare treatments of our time.


60 minutes with Daniela:

  • Consult
  • Full meridian profile
  • Hormone or Vitamin screening
  • Bespoke formula (by request)

75 minutes with Shellie or Marisa:

  • Consult
  • Skin Cleansing
  • Treatment Preparation
  • Micro-current or lymph drainage
  • Acupuncture
  • LED

Wrap up with Shellie or Marisa

  • Report of findings
  • Review TheAntidote follow-up plan

With Shellie $750.00 With Marisa $650.00

To find out how you can benefit from The Antidote, click here

Vitamin Enhanced Skin Tightening
For healthy, youthful, tight skin without reverting to surgery, this 30 minute treatment or add-on is a favorite among the Hollywood elite. Using the skin tightening benefits of electrical current from Iontophoresis and ultrasound vitamin product penetration this service creates immediate, lasting results.

  • tightens sagging skin
  • improves collagen and elastic to plump sagging skin
  • reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • evens skin color
  • heals acne and acne scars
  • decreases pore size
  • improves skin circulation
Individual Service $240 Series 5 $1100
Add-on. $150 Series 5 $ 700